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Below are the golf cart seat covers that are made up by special order. Although not all of these seat covers are shown on a golf cart, they all fit exactly the same as No. 27. After you browse through these seat covers, you can click HERE to see more of them. Monogram of your name or initials is included in price. TIP: When putting on the seat cover, raise the seat up and run the handles under the seat for a snug fit.

No. 27 Cart seat cover "The Original"

Price $35.00

Decorator fabric or terry cloth with golf fabric "seats." Straps fit over seat handles and may be placed under the seat by raising it up to help hold seat cover corners on. Elastic goes all the way around the cover for good fit. Name monogrammed between "seats".

No. 27A Cart seat cover

Price $35.00

Here's another style of seat cover made out of decorator fabric, terry, duck cloth/canvas or denim with embroidered golf designs. I have many golf designs from which you can choose or you can leave the choosing to me. Monogram goes in the middle, if desired.

No. 27B Cart seat cover

Price $37.50

Another style of seat cover with more golf ladies and designs on decorator fabric, terry, denim or duck cloth/canvas, usually plain or striped fabric similar to that shown. I use a fabric on which the embroidery will show up nicely. Monogram goes in the middle, if desired.

  No. 27C Cart seat cover

Price: $60.00

Deluxe style: all kinds and styles of golf designs embroidered and appliqued onto the seat cover and a poem by me that fits the designs. You can have all ladies, men, or kids, or a mix of designs which are like picture frames. Base seat cover can be decorator fabric, terry, or denim.

  This is the poem on the above seat cover.

Your free monogram included in price.

  No. 27G Walter Hagen floral seat cover (my choice of floral fabric)

Price: $45.00

"...smell the flowers along the way," a Walter Hagen quote. Your free monogram goes in the middle. If you want just the big GOLF monogram and the Hagen saying, price is $35.00.

  This is a closeup of Hagen's quote.

Seat cover made from floral decorator fabric, not necessarily this exact fabric.

  No. 27E Cart seat cover with embroidered vintage golf ladies.

Price: $35.00

Choose these ladies or select from Lady a - f below. You may dress your ladies in the colors you like.

  No. 27D Cart seat cover with embroidered designs.

Price: $40.00

Large embroidered designs. Select your golf cart and lady golfer colors if desired. Select any of the ladies below to go between the seats. Base seat cover can be decorator fabric or terry cloth.








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