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******Golf Collection I******


There's a story behind some of these designs. That little gal flipping the pancake is like a lot of us gals who play golf and do all that cooking at home. The little gal with the big back swing is patterned after my friend Lois - I don't need to say why. And that gal behind the tree reminds me of a few of my friends - and me. That tree takes a lot of thread but I never get behind a skinny tree. And we all love golf.

There's a free sample (golfbag) download on my Embroidery page (click link at top of page).

These designs all fit in the large hoop except the golf cart which fits in the small hoop. They are in the .pes format and have been tested and sewn out to make sure the designs and outlines are all okay. If you need a different format, let me know and I can convert from .pes to your format for you.

COST: $25 for the collection or $5 per design. If you're interesed in ordering, click on the Order link above or just e-mail me by clicking on the e-mail link above. I can e-mail the designs to you or mail them to you on a floppy disk.

My copyright notice is on the Embroidery page and pertains to the above designs also.

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