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******Patriotic Heart Collection******

You are looking at the actual sew-out of all these designs.


71.50mm x 85.10mm (4 x 4 hoop)


61.30mm x 70.40mm (4 x 4 hoop)


105.20mm x 97.90mm (4 x 4 hoop)


99.50mm x 94.70mm (4 x 4 hoop)


84.20mm x 99.60mm (4 x 4 hoop)


95.70mm x 84.30mm (4 x 4 hoop)


91.70mm x 162.10mm (5 x 7 hoop)


95.70mm x 244.40mm (6 x 10 hoop)


69.60mm x 75.10mm (4 x 4 hoop

Free design; click on design to download.


These designs are all in the .pes format. If you need another format, I can convert for you.

Design No. 8 is just a combination of Designs No. 6 and 7. This design can be sewn out in the 6 x 10 hoop or in the 5 x 7 hoop with two hoopings. Design No. 9 is a free download and can also be combined with Design No. 7. NOTE ABOUT DESIGN NO. 7: This design has been color sorted so the thread will not have to be changed so many times. There will be long jump stitches and you should cut them as you are sewing out the design.

COST for the entire set is only $20. If you just want the designs for the 4 x 4 hoop (Nos. 1-6 and 9), the price is $15. To order, just e-mail me by clicking on the e-mail link above. I can e-mail the designs to you or mail them to you on a floppy disk for an additional $1.50.

My copyright notice is on the Embroidery page and pertains to the above designs also.

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