More Cart Seat Covers


You may pick out a cotton fabric to put on your seat cover by clicking on the Fabrics link on my Home page. Or I can pick one out for you to go with whatever fabric you want for your base seat cover. There are about 80 cottons to pick from. Some of my fabric pieces are not large enough for seat covers so send me 2 or 3 choices.


No. 27I

Price: $35.00

Seat cover shown is terry with golf fabric strips and embroidered golfing ladies, one driving and one putting. It can also be made out of decorator fabric. You can replace the saying "Drive for Show, Putt for Dough" with one of your own or pick out one from the sayings shown below. You may also have a name monogrammed below the saying.

Sayings to pick from for above seat cover:

* When it's breezy, swing easy

* Puppies whine, golfers don't

* Doctor said to take my iron

* Doctor said to live on greens

* Grip it and rip it

* Never up, never in

* It's not how you drive, it's how you arrive

* Golfers don't miss; they get robbed

* Hole in None

If you have sayings, send them to me and I'll add them to the list.

No. 27J

Price: $30.00

Seat cover shown is made out of decorator fabric or you can choose terry. Lady golfer and golf words are all embroidered. You can use your own words instead of these. Name monogram included in price.

No. 27H Tapestry Seat Cover


Here it is. I've been asked for the tapestry seat cover. Fits just like all the others. You get the free monogram, too. If you want to pick out a tapestry fabric, they are on the Fabrics5 page.


No. 27F "I Love Golf" seat cover.

Price: $30.00

Seats appliqued on to the cover and "GOLF" is embroidered. Your free monogram goes between the hearts.

No. 27L Plush Fleece seat cover

Price: $30.00

This resembles sheepskin but is not as heavy. Soft to sit on and nice for any weather.

No. 27M His 'n Hers seat cover

Price: $30.00

Embroidered golf bags with male/female faces on them. Base seat cover can be decorator fabric or terry. Choose your colors. Monogrammed names go in between the appliqued seats.

No. 27N

Price: $45.00

Large golf designs embroidered on strip across seat cover. Also added are protective corners where the cover gets lots of wear. Base cover can be decorator fabric (shown) or terry. Monogram goes under the strip. Pick your base seat cover color.

No. 27O

Price: $40.00 Golf on the Wild Side

"Seats" are made out of animal print (not necessarily the print shown). Base cover can be decorator fabric or terry. Pick your base seat cover color and I'll do the rest.

No. 27P Tee Time Lady

Price: $35.00

Golf fabric strips on decorator fabric or terry with pretty vintage Tee Time Lady in between. You can pick out your fabric strips from my fabrics pages or I can pick out an appropriate fabric for you.

No. 27Q Pocket Seat Cover

Price: $45.00

This seat cover has lots of embroidered designs on it and a small pocket on the lower front to put your score card in if it's rainy - or whatever small item you want to put in it. Seat cover shown is decorator fabric but it comes in terry, too. Pick out fabric for the strips from my fabrics pages.

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